Accident Repair Centre in Reigate | Our Bodyshop Facilities

We can give you many good reasons to choose our accident repair centre over other bodyshops in the Surrey area. Great customer service is just one of them, but we believe you’ll be equally impressed by our workshop facilities. When booking in for dent and crash repairs, you need to know that a bodyshop has the latest systems in place. Reigate Auto Refinishing has invested heavily into state-of-the-art equipment. This ensures our car body repairs meet strict trade and industry standards.

Let’s take dent repairs and panel replacements as an example.

Reigate Auto Refinishing has body alignment and welding facilities in place. Our technicians use a jig system to realign the chassis and replace the body panels of accident-damaged vehicles. Working to technical data sheets which contain manufacturer specifications, our jig system guarantees accurate measurements. This is instrumental to the safe completion of crash repairs. Safety is a priority for all accident repair centres and we work to current BS 10125 standards.

Our technicians also use equivalent systems for smaller dent repairs. We know how important it is for us to guarantee safe service delivery. Putting the right repair systems into place makes this possible.

Paint Shop Facilities

Reigate Auto Refinishing has a paint mixing scheme from Mobihel. This scheme consists of water-based colours and tints, which help our paint technicians to accurately match the colour of your car. The Mobihel paint system contains mixing formulas for tens of thousands of colours across a full range of manufacturer models. Our accident repair centre understands that colour matching is important to you, so we studiously check our finished paintwork for accuracy.

The Mobihel paint mixing scheme offers a number of benefits to bodyshops and customers alike:

• No need to order paints and clearcoats from a supplier, which guarantees faster turnaround times
• Our mixing scheme caters for all colour shades and variations for the most accurate match
• Compliant hardeners and accelerators promote speedier drying times and a more resilient finish
• Working with a single, high-end paint brand helps us to be more consistent with our paintwork
• Customers can have car body repairs completed to a much higher standard with less potential for rework

Reigate Auto Refinishing also has a low-bake oven onsite. This facility creates a cleaner environment for paint application and lowers VOC emissions. It also promotes faster paint curing times. Combined, these benefits reduce the likelihood of us having to rework accident and crash repairs. This means we can get your car back to you much sooner, and in a condition that matches the original showroom finish.

Our accident repair centre only uses market-leading products and materials to perform dent repairs and car body repairs. These materials include abrasives from 3M and masking tape from Indasa. Our technicians use the best industry tools available, from Snap-On and from Sealey Products.

To find out more about the facilities at our accident repair centre in Reigate, call 01737 222265.

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