Car Body Repairs in Reigate

Reigate Auto Refinishing can perform car body repairs using a range of techniques and technologies. Our accident repair centre on Blackborough Road undertakes everything from major crash repairs to superficial cosmetic work. Using modern repair equipment and high-end materials, we deliver quality workmanship across all manufacturer marques. Your satisfaction matters to us, and we personally guarantee our paintwork for two years.

Our accident repair centre uses traditional panel beating and refinishing systems, and the latest SMART repair technology, to deliver on the expectations of customers across all parts of Surrey – private, fleet or trade.

Reigate Auto Refinishing is more than just a bodywork specialist. While car body repairs are very much the lifeblood of our business, we can also perform paintless dent repairs and refurbish alloy wheels.

You are always the most important person in our business so, when we take on insurance work on your behalf, we even assign you your own accident management specialist.

Our car body repair services include:

Panel Beating – Reigate Auto Refinishing uses experienced technicians to complete the first stage of the repair process on all accident-related and cosmetic work. For large-scale crash and car body repairs, our accident repair centre uses a JIG system that allows us to realign the chassis and panels of your vehicle to manufacturer specifications from a technical data sheet.

Once we have the chassis and bodywork correctly set, we use a combination of traditional techniques and modern systems to prepare your car for priming and painting.

Paint Refinishing – The job moves into our paint shop for preparation. After priming and sanding the repaired panels, Reigate Auto Refinishing positions your car in a low-bake oven, masks it and applies water-based paint colours from Mobihel. We cover over the colour with a clearcoat to protect the painted surface, and to produce a resilient high-gloss finish. We have our own Mobihel paint mixing scheme onsite.

The low-bake oven cures the paint and the clearcoat to permanently harden the overall finish. After unmasking your car, our technicians cut and polish the paintwork to remove any contaminants. Our car body repairs leave your vehicle in perfect pre-accident condition.

SMART Repairs – Thanks to developments in paint and dent repair technology, minor dings and scratches no longer need us to use the same techniques employed for large-scale accident damage. Reigate Auto Refinishing uses SMART repair systems to isolate minor cosmetic damage, and to localise the repair process, by fading out paint on the same part of your car. Once dry, we polish the entire panel to produce a professional finish.

SMART repairs lower the overall cost of restoring superficial damage and reduce the levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) released into the atmosphere. Paintless dent removal is another SMART practice used for car body repairs.

Please contact us on 01737 222265 to find out if we can use SMART systems over a traditional repair procedure.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment – Save money on full replacement costs by choosing Reigate Auto Refinishing to refurbish damaged alloy wheels. We can repair and restore any alloy wheel style. Our refinishing team can match all manufacturer colours for the perfect finish. The techniques we use work perfectly for removing kerb scuffs and eliminating damage caused by small stones.

Refurbishment is a cost-effective way to maintain a showroom finish. You can also use our services to customise newly purchased alloy wheels.

To find out more about car body repairs, call Reigate Auto Refinishing on 01737 222265 or visit our workshop on Blackborough Road.

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