Car Servicing in Reigate

When you book in for a service at Reigate Auto Refinishing, you’ll never need to worry that our standards won’t reach the same levels as a more traditional mechanical workshop. While we trade as an accident repair centre, our company has skilled automotive technicians on its team. This means that we can perform car servicing, full or interim, on any make or model and from any major manufacturer.

By law, you can have your car serviced or repaired at the garage of your choice without the worry of invalidating an existing warranty.

This because we undertake car servicing to recommended manufacturer schedules, the exact same specifications as those used by main dealership workshops in the Reigate area. Our adherence to these schedules means that we can still stamp your service book to retain a full maintenance history. This helps to preserve the resale value of your car.

We have two main car servicing options available:

• Full Service – A detailed multipoint inspection performed annually or after every 12,000 miles of driving. Completed to manufacturer standards.

• Interim Service – An additional service performed every 6,000 miles or at six-monthly intervals for those who drive more than 12,000 miles in a year.

Please contact us on 01737 222265 to book in for your next service with Reigate Auto Refinishing.

Independent Car Servicing vs Dealership Car Servicing

If you own a new or close-to-new car, it makes sense that you’d want to use a dealership garage in Reigate to have it serviced. Aren’t dealerships supposed to be more professional than independent garages? The truth is that an independent service provider can undertake full or interim car servicing to the exact same specifications as any main dealership?

Why? Because we work to exactly the same service schedules.

Reigate Auto Refinishing can match any dealership in the Surrey area for the quality of its car servicing. We’re not just confident about our workmanship; we’re confident in our prices too. So confident, in fact, that we know you won’t see a single difference between our workmanship and that of any of our main agent competitors.

The only time you’ll ever see a difference between us is when we present the final bill.

Dealership garages in Reigate have more overheads to cover. They have to pay higher rents for glitzy showrooms and absorb the cost of unpaid warranty work on the cars they sell. We don’t have these problems, which means we can pass on our savings to our customers in the form of more affordable car servicing packages.

And, of course, there are numerous other benefits to having your car serviced with us:

• A regular service keeps your car running smoothly and minimises the risk of a breakdown
• Sticking to scheduled maintenance intervals improves fuel economy to make driving cheaper
• A complete service history attracts potential buyers when you come to sell a car in the future
• Car servicing keeps your car in a safe, roadworthy condition, protecting you and your passengers
• Choosing an independent garage, like Reigate Auto Refinishing, saves you money over the longer term

To find out more about car servicing, call Reigate Auto Refinishing on 01737 222265 or visit our workshop on Blackborough Road.

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