Dent Repairs in Reigate

Picking up a small dent or two in a supermarket car park, or on the roadside, won’t be as traumatic for you as being in an accident, but it will be just as frustrating. We know that you value the appearance of your car, and that you’ll want it back in its proper condition as soon as possible. Reigate Auto Refinishing can perform dent repairs at our accident repair centre on Blackborough Road. Call in to see us for a free estimate and have your car body repairs completed by a friendly team of time-served technicians.

We can perform dent repairs in two different ways:

• Traditional Panel Beating Practices
• Paintless Dent Removal Techniques

Reigate Auto Refinishing uses traditional panel beating skills more often with crash repairs. This is because dent repairs on cars with accident damage tend to be much bigger than on those needing cosmetic work. We don’t want you to worry too much about our procedures, but we do want you to understand them and to know where we apply them.

Traditional Panel Beating

Our accident repair centre uses panel beating to perform dent repairs on larger areas of damage. Because major impact causes metal to stretch, paintless removal techniques won’t work on bigger dents. Reigate Auto Refinishing performs a full procedure on large-sized dent repairs, removing trim to access the damaged area from behind. Our technicians use traditional tools, including dollies, flips and slide hammers, to restore panel surfaces to near-flat condition.

After isolating the repair area, we level the surface using a suitable body filler, sand and prime the panel, then flatten it with a fine grade of abrasive paper ahead of applying colour and clearcoat. This stops scratches from showing in the finished paintwork.

This is a perfectly normal system and one that accident repair centres use daily on dent repairs. Reigate Auto Refinishing is no different in this respect.

Paintless Dent Removal

SMART technology has revolutionised the automotive sector and made it possible for our customers to book in for smaller dent repairs without having to rely on their insurers. You’ll never have to worry about us having issues with colour matching because our technicians never need to physically paint the panel. Instead, they use specialist tools to access the damaged area, and to manipulate the panel surface from behind to remove the dent.

We call this system paintless dent removal.

Because we never need to paint your car, the team at Reigate Auto Refinishing can usually perform smaller dent repairs at a much lower price. This means you’ll be able to afford the cost of repair work yourself instead of making a claim on your insurance. In turn, this offers long-term financial benefits because you won’t lose any no-claims bonuses or face higher premiums.

The benefits of dent repairs using SMART technology include:

• A cost-effective repair that’s faster and less involved than traditional panel beating techniques
• Lower premiums because costs are cheaper, and motorists rarely need to make insurance claims
• Because the paintwork on your car stays unaltered, you never need to worry about colour matching
• Suitable for dent repairs on small to medium-sized areas of damage with an unbroken paint finish
• Helps to maintain the resale value of your car and to keep it in a good overall cosmetic condition
• An established repair technique recognised by the automotive sector and compliant with BS 10125

We have examples of our previous work with dent repairs on our website.

To book in for dent repairs at our accident repair centre in Reigate, call 01737 222265.

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